What does a pre-school teacher mean to a child?

Early childhood years are extremely fundamental years for every child, during which they go through the most rapid phase of growth and development. It is believed that during the initial years the foundation is laid for their societal abilities, self-esteem, insight into the world and moral stance. Moreover, this is the best time when the cognitive skills are developed. Hence, this is this most crucial time when they require the best of the care and a nurturing role model, necessarily played by a pre-school teacher.

Working with such young children requires extreme patience, highest level of sensitivity, utmost dedication and just one thought that “no child is left unattended”. A pre-school teacher in Nursery schools in India should inevitably possess all these characteristics and more. A Pre-school teacher is synonymous to the one that has the potential to wear multiple hats at one point in time and that too patiently. Children in such tender age have unique needs. For them their Pre-school teacher is their initial guide after their Parents, who leads them down an absolute new trail, and keeps them secure.

These little ones come out of the warm folds of the home looking for positive encouragement, love and compassion. Apart from learning, they are even dependent on their teachers for all their emotional as well as physiological needs such as meals, going to washrooms, getting their hands washed, changing their clothes, making available to them the secure and warm napping nooks and resolving the disagreements or arguments that may arise.

Boosting the self-esteem from time to time is what these young ones require from their teachers. Children should be taught how to feel proud even if they have made a mistake and how they can avoid repeating it. Instead of providing the answers every time, the teachers should encourage children to find a solution to little problems by them selves. If required, they must know how to ask for help.

Every child is feels comforted, if he is heard well. Therefore, it extremely important to listen to a child and interpret correctly their words and actions. Listening and interpreting in the write manner helps to determine a child’s requirement and fecilitates the child’s growth and development. In a small span of time, they get so attached to their teachers that they become their role models and in doing so, they start to emulate them. Therefore, preschool teachers must exhibit endurance and flexibility.

The best nursery school must ensure that the initial years of these children are packed with many astounding moments. Special care should be taken about the progress and well-being of each and every child in the classroom. A teacher should always do her best to encourage children and foster their learning and aim for the holistic development of a child. After all, a happy, well settled and enthusiastic child is every teacher’s greatest trophy.