To us, early learning goes well beyond childhood. We believe, there is an opportunity to learn the basics of life at every stage. The Toddler programme at Brats n Cuties is specially designed to accommodate the children, no matter what stage of development they are at.

How do you know that your child is ready for certain challenges? Our teachers are trained to recognize key signs in your toddler’s behaviour and have devised different teaching methodologies to make learning easy and interesting. The Toddlers begin the day with morning assembly. The school prayer is followed by oral interaction whereby children, along with the teacher, recite rhymes with actions, dance, listen to stories etc. This regime is followed by nature walk, yoga and activity based learning like beading, scribbling, colouring and playing with blocks.

The various learning and play materials are arranged into clear and distinct interest areas:

  • Gross Motor Play includes a number of stuffed toys, swings and slides.
  • Fine Motor Play includes action and reaction toys, puzzles and stacking objects.
  • Imagination And Quiet Play includes doll items, kitchen sets, play food and other play items.
  • Special Sessions On Phonetics
  • Language Development includes audio-visual aided learning.
  • Music and Dance through CD players, musical instruments and puppet show.
  • Creative Art and Exploration through colouring, pasting, tearing and nature walk.