Watching a two year old can be fun but exhaustive, children in this age group are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and a new sense of increasing independence. Two years old are highly active and interested in objects and people around them. They undergo rapid development in many areas and crave for attention. Our programme provides structural guidance to every child so that he or she learns to share, get along with others and perform tasks that require a longer attention span.

Activities: The basic regime that we follow with our pre-nursery section is prepared in such a way that the children understand the importance of shlok chanting early in the morning with the rendition of “Gayatri Mantra” and the school prayer. Singing rhymes with actions in groups, identifying body parts, colours and oral counting are parts of oral interaction. Child initiated activity based learning takes place throughout the day which ends with story time, puppet show, dance, music, splash pool etc.

Activities: Child centric activities are carefully planned and prepared by the teacher, giving them the right environment and providing the right stimuli, an environment where each child is special, feels valued and has lots of fun. As children learn to communicate with those around them, their games become more group oriented and sophisticated. Games that encourage imagination such as dressing up, clay moulding, building blocks, reading from illustrated books etc. help to develop a child’s creativity.