Day Care

The Nest

18 Months onward upto 12 years

We understand that in today’s cosmopolitan world of twin parent working culture and nuclear families, there is a growing need of parents to find a 2nd home in whose care their child can be entrusted. Given a choice the parents would have never left their children at daycare and learned parents would have ideally wanted the routine of the child to be like… warmly greeting the child post school, comfort them, make them change, sanitize them and treat them to sumptuous balanced meals post which the parent would have put them to power nap and when they wake up they would have been served with milk and evening snacks post which a learned mother would have taken on their academics… However this remains a wishful want for working parents and this void is filled by “The Nest”.

What blessing is the day care at Brats n Cuties “The Nest” which provides all the wishful wants under one roof. Over and above the mentioned routine there is a structured curriculum in which they are made to do activities such as edudrama, art and craft, reading -writing, yoga ,dance, debate sessions and playtime and to top it up all it’s a high security zone with cameras for which the live streaming links are given to the parents and you can view your child from the comfort of your office and unlike crèches they are not just made to sleep and eat.

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