Our methodology is an amalgamation of tried and tested Indian teaching methodology with the Montessori system which in turn is integrated with novo technologies and innovative teaching tools which are developed with constant R&D of our consultants and teachers. Since experiential learning is most adaptive at this age hence our curriculum is integrated with projects and themes.

At Brats n Cuties as an early childhood educator, we follow an approach to teaching which is devised from a whole host of resources and includes facts from theories on early childhood, an understanding of the development of child and the kind of experience we have had with the children in diverse learning environments.>

Curriculum is designed in such a way that it strikes the right balance between the academic needs of the children at this age beautifully balanced with the skills that children can learn at this stage which are the learning’s for life at large.

Our curriculum pivots around a tri-way learning methodologies in which teachers, parents and above all our tiny tots are equal participants.

Other teaching methodologies

BNC’s Edudrama –Edudrama which is a specialized program for the age group of 2+ to 15 years. The scope of learning is vast when it is done by the trainers of Brats n Cuties . However, other Pre-schools have tried to morph our program and have mis-construed the learning scope and instead have made edudrama a program to do story telling by dramatizing whereas edudrama’s scope of learning is an enchanting experience wherein it enhances linguistic skills, voice modulation, facial expression and imaginative powers.

Themes and Projects – The monthly themes and projects build awareness about environmental issues and provide an opportunity to get hands on experience of concepts through the activities.

Educational Trips – Widen the horizon of thought process of the child

Festivals and Events – Keep children connected to our value system and culture.

Special Assembly – Stage exposure and public speaking promote personality development.

Reinforcement – Remedial classes are conducted in the school for students who miss few concepts or have joined late.

Emphasis is laid on

To churn out the well groomed portals through Experiential learning, Stage exposure, Personality Grooming Sessions, Phonics and dictions, Activities to improve fine and gross motor skills and special stress is laid on developing physical endurance of the child.