The infrastructure has been aesthetically planned with well ventilated and cheerful bright classrooms. Every classroom is a workshop in itself and is well equipped with state of the art facilities, toys and teaching aids which entice the child enough to fall in love with their classrooms.

Student Teacher Ratio

Fewer students in a class means that each one gets attention from the facilitator, and they are encouraged to participate and articulate. This builds up the confidence of the child and enhances their learning experience. Hence the student teacher ratio is restricted to 1:12 and this in turn helps the teacher to read a child closely as the a unique case study and makes it easier for the teacher to connect with them.

Safety First

The security of your ward is our foremost concern and keeping in mind the fact we have taken measures to install cameras which gives live streaming of the activities to the parents through web. The school building is not accessible to visitors beyond the front office. When children are outdoors in the play area we ensure the strict supervision. Every child is signed in and out of the school with a digitally maintained check-in system called RFID.

Compassionate facilitators

Facilitators at Brats n Cuties are aware of the well known fact that the ambit of education in early years is to identify and hone the skills and emphasis is laid on to develop their societal abilities, self-esteem, insight into the world and moral stance. Moreover, this is the best time when the cognitive skills are developed. Hence, this is this most crucial time when they require the best of the care and a nurturing role model, necessarily played by a preschool teacher.


The bedrock of learning at Brats n Cuties is experiential learning amalgamated with contemporary Indian methodologies along with International Novo curriculum. We are constantly at work to create innovative tools, teaching aids and methodologies, which help in the optimum development of the child, however evolving with time and revamping our curriculum on regular basis has been and shall remain our USP.


Our responsibility is to develop our children in such a way that ignites in them curiosity for learning. We constantly strive to provide a well-rounded child centric learning experience by focusing on their individual needs and providing a plethora of enriching activities to build emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills. These activities are conducted under supervision of a specialised trainer ensuring high end delivery.

Foundations are pivotal

At Brats n Cuties, we understand its significance and endeavour to sculpt such corridors of open learning that nurtures each child with unwavering Indian values coalesced with an International outlook.

The school was conceptualized in Nov 2006 & got into operations in June 2008 but for these eighteen months lot of hard work was put in by curriculum designers, child psychologists & top end educationists to develop a unique curriculum & implement it in our model school. We now have expanded to 20 branches PAN India.