Toddler’s Programme age: 18 months and above

To us early learning goes well beyond childhood. We believe, there is an opportunity to learn the  basics of life at this early age. The toddler programme is specially designed to incline the young minds towards exploration, no matter what stage of physical and emotional development they are at.

2’s Programme : Pre-nursery age: 2 years and above

Two year olds are highly active and interested in objects and people around them. Our Pre-Nursery program provides structural guidance to every child so that they develop the inquisitiveness, perform tasks singularly or with the peers and learns the basics in a play way manner.

3’s Programme : Nursery age: 3 years and above

At three years plus the children are at a stage where they want to probe and ask questions. Our program assists our little ones to seamlessly graduate from play way learning to serious learning verticals like concept building, analytical thinking and improving the writing skills.

4’s Programme : Prep age: 4 years and above

At this stage formal learning begins with the classification of subjects like English, Maths, Environment science and Hindi. We have series of well planned and carefully graded term books which fulfill all the educational needs at this tender age.

Earn experientially, play hard and be safe in the best Preschool in India

Every kid deserves the finest possible beginning of their preschool learning, where they get hold of the opportunity to get nurtured, learn and develop in the best preschool in India Brats n Cuties, which gives them an environment that is not just safe but also makes them inquisitive. For us every child’s safety and well-being is at the top of our priority as we appreciate the incredible faith that parents have reposed in us.

We ensure well being and safekeeping of every child. We believe that preschool learning begins when a child feels secured and at ease. However, various studies have shown that children, who feel insecure, usually do not engage in recreation and explore less, and have difficulty mingling with peers. Therefore, we strive to provide them with a home away from home and make their experience in one of the best preschools in India as a memorable one.

At this age, children love to run around, explore, climb, and go random. Therefore, being in the category of the best preschools in India, we have a secure environment indoors and outdoors, where children learn, play and explore the world around them.

Safety indoors-outdoors
As a leading pre-school of India the flagship school and our franchisees ensure that the security of your ward is of utmost importance to us and keeping in mind the fact that the school building is accessible to visitors, beyond the admin area the school is out of bound for visitors. When children are outdoors in the play area we ensure the strict supervision. We as one of the top preschools maintain to cctv surveillance of our learning rooms, corridors, play areas, entrance and exit, and we also frequently assess the security measures.

Check-ins and Check-outs
Every child is signed in and out of the school with a digitally maintained check-in system that has a unique id assigned to every kid. We also keep a pre-designated pickup consent list with the photographs of the authorized people including parents, which is strictly followed while the child is being handed over at the time of dispersal from the school or at the drop point.

Attendance at regular intervals
Teachers take attendance in the learning rooms after the check-ins and thereafter at the end of every activity outside the learning rooms.

Health and hygiene
Your child’s health and hygiene is of utmost importance to us and we believe that when they are with us, it is the ideal time to make them learn about healthy eating habits and teach them about personal hygiene. When children be taught about these core basics as a part of their preschool learning and put into practice on a daily basis, it becomes a habit for a lifetime. To back this up, we provide every child with the healthy, hygienically prepared, nutritional meal readied from the scratch using freshly sourced vegetables and dairy products, which is extremely essential for their overall well being.

Since, children spend a considerable amount of time at the premises, we go all-out to ensure the hygiene on the campus and get the fumigation regularly. The washrooms are kept spic and inspected after every few hours.
Also during the pandemic time we ensure daily sanitisation of overall premises adding to this special deep cleaning process is taken only on Saturday.

Hygiene accounts for the individual cleanliness too, therefore, children are taught about the importance of various cleanliness practices such as toilet usage, hand washing, bathing, wearing fresh clothes, brushing, combing their hair and clipping their nails in the best preschool in India, Brats n Cuties.

We believe that children imbibe what they live; therefore, we try to give them a whole new, safe and secured world in the best preschool in India, Brats n Cuties that parents can see them beaming with their infectious smiles and help them to explore with boundless abilities along with bringing about their unique capabilities.