3 – 12 years

For us at Brats n Cuties, it doesn’t end when the bell rings at 1:00 pm but provide the children extended hours of enrichment by our endeavour – Learning Ladder. With this we turn the aimless hours of children after school into productive learning time. It caters to the age group of 3 yrs to 12 yrs.

The rationale behind the concept of Learning Ladder

In earlier years a concept of formal grooming for inculcation of right attitude, values, and behavior was unheard of because, back then, parents had all the time and most often they were joint families. Grooming was taken care of amidst a wholesome milieu of the family. Parents or other members of the family had enough time after school to assist the child with his home work or project work. However, now due to twin working culture and the concept of nuclear families children face certain challenges. So, through this program we assist the child with their home work, project work and we strive to promote self expression and good articulation by taking grooming sessions that in turn harness the “winning potential “ of each child to set him above the crowd.